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M-F 8:00 - 6:00 | Sat 8:00 - 3:00 | Sun Closed

Meet Nancy

Most people wake up to an alarm clock. Not me. My "wakeup" is a warm tongue licking my face. My never-fail alarm is my faithful companion, Benny. He is my constant partner and also the greeter at A Car Tune.

And so our day begins.

It's only a couple miles from home to the shop. At work we greet the crew. They are a great bunch. Before getting down to the work of the day, Benny and I head out back to catch a few tennis balls. His morning exercise...and mine!

Next, we huddle to go over the schedule of cars coming in, cars in the works and cars finishing up. There is always a flurry of activity in the office as we greet customers and start our day of helping people get back on the road - and/or keep them from getting off the road.

Once we get the crew going on the days work, Benny and I are off to the computer to find parts, check recalls, and answer the phone. Prize greets customers, Cars and customers come and go and I "direct traffic" on it all. Benny is ready for the bank and parts run, so off we go. Benny is always eager to take a ride.

Back from errands, I check work progress, make some calls and greet customers coming for their cars. It's now about 6 pm and I'm waiting for the last car to be picked up. Benny and I tidy up the waiting room while we say goodbye to the last customer and head home.

A little dinner and some quiet time then back up to have another great day greeting customers and making cars work better than they used to. It's a great feeling helping so many people drive away with cars that work much better than when they came in.

It's really hard to find personal service from people who care these days, but here we are, still doing what we've been doing for lots of years, right here in McHenry County. Lots of people know and trust us and lots of new people are discovering what "old time" personal service is all about. But, hey, we're not just that "old time" either. We have the computers and tools needed to fix the latest model cars, and are always learning more about the latest upgrades and improvements. We never stop getting better. That's why we can make the customer promises that we do. Because we know what we're doing and that makes a big difference when you entrust your vehicle to someone.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if I can do anything to improve our service and your experience with us at A Car Tune.

All the best,


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